sometimes tumblr’s US-centric social justice makes me so fucking frustrated. Right now sweden’s third biggest party are literally neo-nazis and our elections couldn’t even get onto trending tags today, goddamit.

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F: “I shouldn’t trouble you with this. My problems are not yours.”
H: “I might be able to help with your problems… or give you a few more.”
F: “More problems than you normally do, I assume.” 

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Power Absorption (Core Ability) - is the ability to obtain the powers of different Conduits.Potentially one of the most powerful abilities in the inFamous universe, Power Absorption is unique in that grants a Conduit the ability to absorb and use different powers and elements, independently from one another. insp [x]

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Every time frozen is on my dashboard I get a little bit angrier

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                            P R E S I D E N T   E D E N : Fallout 3

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You gotta consider her a living person. That’s it. You’re either living or you’re not. You ain’t little, you ain’t a girl, you ain’t a boy, you ain’t strong or smart.

You’re alive.

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my favorite quotes from mass effect - me2 ladies, part 1

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